We automatize crypto technical analysis
to help you invest at the best time.

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Rationalize your decisions and never FOMO again

We automatically apply technical indicators to the Top 2000 crypto and display results in an easy-to-understand visual manner. Fibonacci Retracements, supports and resistances, patterns detection,
all these crypto signals in one place to help you make informed decisions.

4 Kings - Crypto UI

Crypto technical indicators for All

4 Kings - Crypto and Fibonacci Retracements

Visual Fibonacci Retracements

The best time to invest is within accumulation zones. 0.618 is a key support level and we display all those levels in a simple price line.


Custom Timeframe

Whether you are a long term investor or a swing trader, choose the right timeframe among All Time, 3 Months , 30 days and 1 week. Coming SOON.

4 Kings - Crypto and W Bottom Pattern

Pattern detection

We detect bullish patterns such as Double Bottom. And a Double Bottom often leads to a pump, so better wait for them for the best entry point and play the pullback. Coming SOON.

4 Kings - Support Resistance Breakout

Support / Resistance levels

Buy at support level and sell at resistance level. We automatically show these trend lines, so you can enter or exit at the best price. Finally, range trading made easy. Coming SOON.

4 Kings - Crypto Alert Warning

Smart Alerts

Never miss an opportunity again. Setup your plan in advance, get alerted and make the right move at the right time. There are many ways that a notification can be triggered: landing in an accumulation zone, patterns, support, resistance, breakout and more. Coming SOON.

Do Your Own Research

Before investing, always DYOR. We provide useful information to make decisions easier:
Project description, project website, Github repository, Twitter account
and CoinMarketCap link available in one click or tap.

4 Kings - Charts TradingView
4 Kings Cryptocurrency Watchlist

Follow your investments with Watchlists

Even in crypto, you must diversify your assets. Create a new watchlist to categorize whether it's long term investment, trading, or just on your Radar.

A good practice: Setting multiple watchlists to keep an eye on your overall strategy.

Share your strategy

Talking about crypto on social media?
Share your 4 Kings strategy to tell the World if it's the right time to invest. Works on Twitter, Discord, Facebook, Whatsapp, basically everywhere.

4 Kings - Cryptocurrency Blockchain

Plans & Pricing

It's time to boost your opportunities.


  • Top 500 crypto
  • 3 watchlists
  • All Time Period
  • Visual Fibonacci


  • Top 2000 crypto
  • 10 watchlists
  • Custom Periods
  • Visual Fibonacci
  • Pattern detection
  • Support / Resistance levels
  • Smart Alerts

  • Coming SOON
4 Kings - Cryptocurrency technical analysis automation